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Hopi Prophecy as told to ChoQosh by Mina Langsa – Chief of Oraibi, Hopi 1966

(This story was given to me, It is not mine. It belongs to the Hopi people who tell it in their kivas. This story is to be passed on to go out around the world that people may hear it in a good way and create right action for the sake of those yet to be born, for the sake of all the relations).

The Hopi say that this Earth has had three great civilizations before and that we are the fourth. All three before us had powerful technologies that affected the balance and the harmony of the Earth. When this balance is thrown off Mother Earth washes herself. Three times before, Mother Earth has had to wash herself clean. The first time, she purified herself by Fire; the second time, she cleansed herself with Ice and the third time with Water. Know all the indigenous people of the Earth have their stories of the great deluge.

The Hopi say that at the time of the great water covering the Earth a people went underground, a seed people, and stayed there for a long time. One day, when their prayer to the Great Spirit became one voice, Massau sent a long ladder into the Earth to the people and brought them up into the sunlight.

Massau, the Messenger, did a wondrous thing. Massau took the great whole, the Truth that governs all peoples, all things on this world and on other worlds and divided it into portions. Once the whole was divided, the parts needed names. Massau gave a portion of the truth to the people who were then sent to the EAST. A second portion was given to the people who were sent to the SOUTH. Another portion was given to the people who were sent to the WEST. A portion of the sacred truth was then given to the people who were sent to the great wall of ice in the NORTH.

All were to begin a great migration. They were to become caretakers of their truth, remembering who they were and from where they came, also remembering that others like them were caretakers of other portions of the truth. They were to watch the sky for signs of when to build and when to move on. They were to leave signs behind them for the people who were to come after. The migration took a very long time. Some returned to the point of origin.

Others in the passing of a long time began to think they had the only truth, the Massau had given them the whole truth. They began to protect their truth, becoming defenders, not caretakers. When they ceased to honor the Truth that was in others and to defend and even kill to protect their truth, they began to build walls around them (their truth), roofs over their heads to cut out the sky, the sacred roof that covers all brothers and sisters alike. They put floors over the precious Earth to protect themselves. WHEN THEY HAD DONE THIS, THE SACRED HOOP of the nations was broken and the pattern of the three previous worlds was repeated.

We entered a time of chaos and imbalance, which now leads to purification. The Earth is ready to purify herself again. The Hopi people say that this imbalance of technology that we have created will create a great gourd of ashes that will make the seas boil and all life as we know it will be burned from the Earth.

The Hopi say that there is another way of purification and an alternative technology which will create a way to communicate with all the peoples of the four directions, mending the sacred hoop that was broken.

In this way we will step from the fourth world into the fifth in the way of knowledge, sacred knowledge and justice, which brings about peace, and we will all know abundance. This is the time of the 11th hour of chaos. This is the time of coming together and in a sacred manner speaking out truth and listening to the sacred truth of others.


There is a Hopi petroglyph that shows the Earth surrounded in and embraced by a shimmering spider's web - a web of communication.

ChoQosh speaks:
If we the people of the fourth world begin to gather in sacred circles again and if we begin to speak our truth in a sacred manner, THEN, in this way, the truth which has been scattered in the four directions will be called back together again, the fragments becoming whole once more

It matters very much what each of us does now… and all that we do must be done in a Sacred Manner.

In honor and respect we shall listen to the Sacred Truths of Others.
ChoQosh – Turtle Island 2006

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