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All workshops are conducted in the Santa Rosa, CA Area. If you are interested in talking to ChoQosh about these offerings, please contact her at:
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    "... We shall burn sage that our minds may truly seek Truth and that when Truth is before us, our eyes will be purified to see it and our ears purified to hear the Truth of others. And we purify our mouths for it is from this place that we speak our Truth. And we purify our whole beings that we may stand in a sacred manner with each other..."

    Tools for Spiritual Warriors in a hurry

    These are Eleventh Hour Teachings for Spiritual Activists in a Hurry. The Foundation for these teachings are laid in the introduction which will include creation, migration and prophecy stories of the Hopi Indians from Arizona and the Chumash Culture of California. Also, the stories of the passage through the Four World, the previous, ancient imbalance of technology / mind / heart, the destruction it brought, the Breaking of the Sacred Hoop and the potential for its mending as we approach critical mass of consciousness.

    The essence of good medicine warriorship is the understanding of the nature of one's self. The Hawaiian Kahunas as master teachers of the psychology of humans bring us the teachings of Ho-oh-pono-pono. The heart of this work is the three selves

    Step 1: The Beginning: Conscious Breath

    Seven Breaths of Huna: Setting the Stage
    The Secret of "YAH WEH"
    Breath of Fire
    Inner Cycle Breathing
    the Breath of Mindfulness - Thech Naht Han

    Step 2: My Three Selves

    Sacred forms of KaHuna Teachings of Hawaii
    The Ho-o-pono-pono: Problem Solving
    Un-illi-pilli (unconscious reactive)
    Uhane (conscious self)
    Aum-Ah-Kua (the limitless super conscious)

    Step 3: the Warriors Shield

    Ancient Forms for Purification, Grounding & Centering
    Protection from Psychic Drain & Physical Danger (creation of the medicine shirt")
    "Traveling" and "Willow Tree"songs

    Step 4: the Dance of Life

    The complete Sacred Moving Meditation
    Seven Points of Balancing & Empowerment


The Ancient Tslagi Moving Meditation

We are bringing back the Medicine in the sacred vessels of our own bodies

A Seven Point Balancing & Empowerment

This sacred prayer dance gathers the power and the wisdom of the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky, and our own sacred heart. Its nine cycles expand the heart and bring pure joy.

THE DANCE OF LIFE is a part of
or Spiritual Warriors* in a Hurry

*Warrior - one whose journey is a search for truth






We begin our DREAM QUEST with a nature walk to discover the dwelling place of mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris. Mugwort is a plant under the dominion of the Goddess of the Moon and was traditionally used in ancient cultures to stimulate the dreaming place where DNA memory is stored.

As we sleep and dream together, you will receive instruction on how to create Sacred Space and how to receive protection and guidance as you dream.

The DREAM QUEST process reveals the face of your soul and the name which energizes your
Sacred Purpose and Life Work

Beginning at dawn, ChoQosh will awaken and guide you through the remembering, telling and
understanding of your dream.

The Elders call ChoQosh a Great Teacher. "A good teacher teaches you something you didn't know. A Great Teacher comes to remind you what it is you have always known."
- Sky Eagle, Chumash Elder




Earth Songs & Sacred Stories

Wild Plant Walk
with Identification & Uses
Make Your Own Medicine Herb Book

Ceremonies for the "Blessing Way"
Rites of Passage for Teens & Adults
Name Changes
Ceremonies for Those Who Have Moved On
Memorials & Funerals


It matters very much what we do and all that we must do must now be done in a sacred manner. We shall heal ourselves with truth. We shall heal ourselves with right action.



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