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We Give Thanks

The Blanket of Hope

a prayer

Oh Great Mother, Father, Spirit,
guardian, protector, creator of us all,
thank you for giving us this life,
thank you for giving us this opportunity

We stand now in full measure,
In gratitude for all the gifts and strengths
that we were given at birth.

We stand now in full measure, here in this place where we live,
where we come into contact every day
with our opportunities to become whole
to be caretakers of this Earth,
to be children, mother, father;
student, teacher – both.

We give thanks
for the four leggeds,
for the two leggeds
for the winged ones,
and the ones that live deep in the Earth.

We give thanks
for the water, for the air, that we may become pure again,
and that we may become responsible
to help that happen.

We give thanks
to all living things
and all creations of the great miracle;
that which is before us
and all around us.

And in the midst of the chaos
and this time of purification,
we give thanks –
for the inner strength
and the inner peace
that we now call upon.

We give thanks
for ourselves.

We give thanks
for all our relations.



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