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This is the Chumash migration and prophecy Story as told to me
in 1980 by the Chumash Elder, Victor Lopez/Sky Eagle

We are not of this place.

We came from the seven sisters, the Pleiades, and we came to this Earth in silent ships powered by the sun. We brought our society and our technology to a great land mass in the Pacific Ocean. So great was our technology that we could defy gravity. By using crystals powered by the sun, we created a great civilization which included mighty forms of irrigation. We had lasers that could move mountains.

This technology was so powerful that it began to affect the balance of Mother Earth. The land shook with tremors. And a schism erupted between the People of the Heart and the People of the mind. The People of the Heart warned the People of the mind that this technology was a danger so great that it was affecting the balance of Mother Earth.

The People of the Mind were certain that since their technology had created the problem, their technology could solve it. But it did not, and the disruption continued. Great land masses disappeared beneath the waters, while others were thrust upwards. The poles of the Earth shifted, and the Earth’s rotation went through a long period of great “wobbling”. Once a perfect sphere, the Earth became elliptical and bulged at the equator from the intense instability.

There were those among us called the memorizers. To preserve themselves and our history, they went into the sea and they are dolphins now. They have retained their fingers and pelvic bones, and they nurse their babies with milk from their bodies. The dolphins remember us well. They know our history and they know our fate.

As the land sank beneath the waters of the Pacific, there came a Great Rainbow Bridge that lead the People to this land. Here, we, the Chumash people, lived a long time in peace, harmony and abundance. As long as we lived simply, observing the laws of right relation and respect for the gifts of Mother Earth our lives were well. We were a peaceful people and we prospered.

We were warned that a new People of the mind might come some day. And that they will move without respect for this Earth, pushing from east to west like a great wave of destruction without consideration for sacred Earth and right relationship.

The legend says that if these People of the Mind got a foothold there will be no stopping them. As their wave of destruction moves from east to west, the People of the Heart will find themselves pushed to the western edge of this land. When the People of the Heart can be pushed no further, and their backs are against the sea, they will begin to turn around and recognize each other.

In the act of turning around and recognizing each other, the People of the Heart will remember. They will remember the beauty of this Earth and their sacred relationship to it. They will remember their responsibility to the future generations. And when the turn is complete and all is remembered, the People standing at the western edge will create a great Wave of the Heart that will move back across the land from the west to the east, restoring balance and right relationship with the Earth.

And Victor Lopez, Chumash Elder said:
It is prophesied that the People of the Heart will be successful. This begins here, now, on the western edge of this land. We must now turn around and recognize each other and remember our relationship and responsibility to this Earth.

retold by ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh
Transcribed by Andrea Makshanoff

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