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ChoQoshChoQosh is an Elder of Coastal Native Indian descent. Her name, "Breast Feathers of the Eagle" i.e. " Strength Found in Gentleness" and "Woman of Gratitude" was given to her by Chumash and Seneca Elders, Keepers of the Western and Eastern Gates. They instructed her to pass on their ancient stories and a wondrous dance to create a great wave of the heart. " As it moves across this continent, it will bring back the ancient memories in order to restore harmony for all of our relatives."

ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh has received wisdom teachings from the Hopi, Chumash, San Carlos Apache, Seneca, Karok, Cherokee, Haida and Hawaiian. In 1979, she was appointed and served as a Spiritual Ambassador for the Chumash, representing Pacific Coastal Tribes and was sent to speak in Japan, India, Iraq and England. She was a cross-cultural Communications Instructor for the University of California Berkeley for nineteen years, and also conducted Full Circle Gatherings in the Great Tipi at Cabrillo College (Santa Cruz, CA). Having lived in the Canadian wilderness for many years, she passes on the knowledge of how to harvest the wild for food and medicine. She is the teacher of the moving prayer "The Dance of Life."

ChoQoshIn 1990, at the invitation of the Maori King Hukapa Mateau of Aotearoa/ New Zealand she was asked to come to share her knowledge and sacred stories. It was there she received the name " Te Wahini O Nga Ho O E Wah- Woman Of The Four Directions Who Call The People To Action" . Sky Eagle, the Chumash Elder, caller her one of the great teachers of these times. ChoQosh hosted the award winning program "Songs of the Earth: Mending the Sacred Hoop" for KAZU-FM Radio, Monterey CA for five years. Her words have been published in the books Ceremonial Circle (by Sedonia Cahill (Author), Joshua Halpern (Author), The Feminine Face of God (by Hopkins and Rochester) and Broken Circle: A Search for Wisdom in the Nuclear Age (edited by Most and Grasberg). She has also been featured in magazines including: Shaman's Drum, Venus Rising, Women of Power, and Creation and Meditation.

2006 Grandmother Council
© Tim Nobles
Recently, ChoQosh has been an honored Elder at the annual Grandmother Council in Ashland Oregon as well as the Earthdance Festival in Laytonville California where she appeared with Elders from around the world including Agnes Baker Pilgrim and Arun Ghandi (pictured on the right).
Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Arun Ghandi, ChoQosh
© Darren Miller

ChoQosh is the keeper of the Blanket of Hope:

Blanket of Hope

" She is called a Great Teacher - One who has come to remind us what we have Always known"
-Victor Lopez / Sky Eagle (Chumash Elder)

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