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“There’s a River
Of Birds in Migration
A Nation of
Women with Wings”

ChoQosh Auh’Ho’Oh left the Seminar a day early but left us with warm Mother Earth embraces and a song on our lips, “We are Women With Wings”. She taught us to sing this song in Russian, Finnish, and English and our voices soared. ChoQosh’s moving opening ceremony the second morning drew our large diverse group of women together in one sister as we sang and clasped hands around the big room.

ChoQosh wrote,“I could not have imagined anything so heart opening as the Sister to Sister Seminar. The women I met in Alushta were wonderful. I will never forget them. They have added to my life. A special joy was meeting Golsum from Kazakhstan. We felt kindred spirits with each other immediately. I hope good comes from being together.”

ChoQosh flew off to New Zealand to begin an extended stay with the native Maoris. They wanted her to teach them the American Indian Dance of Life and other lore. ChoQosh wrote: “For the two weeks I shared my teachings from my Elders with the community and they taught me many things in return. I brought them greetings from my sisters in Alushta and told them of the wonderful seminar.”

Sister to Sister Magazine
1991 (Issue # or Month?)
p 10


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