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SkyEagle Letter   Kote Lotah Letter
Victor Lopez
Sky Eagle Elder
Chumash People
  Kote Lotah,
Spiritual Leader
Quabajai Chumash
Indian Association

From Victor Lopez Sky Eagle Elder of the Chumash People

On this day July 5th 1988 in Montecito, CA Regarding ChoQosh Au'Ho'Oh / Judith Monroy

I Victor Lopez do hereby recognize her as one of the tribal members of the Chumash Nation.

I have known her for many years and I have no doubts as to her authenticity as a Chumash person.

I have knowledge of her work on the people's behalf. She has attended conferences in India, Japan, Iraq, and England on behalf of the Chumash people and at the request of certain members of which I was one.

It is my hope that her tribal affiliation will be recognized.

Signed by me
Victor Lopez
July 5, 1988

witnessed by: Molly Lopez

(phone #)

skyeagle letter


Notarized letter


This is to verify that ChoQosh, AKA Judith Monroy Maxfield is a Native American of the Chumash Nation of California. This further verifies that she is a citizen of the United States since 1942, and maintains residence in British Columbia, Canada, where she is strengthening the connections of coastal Indians throughout the western hemisphere in her position as Spiritual Ambassador for the Shisolop Village, Point Conception, California.

Kote Lotah, Spiritual Leader
Quabajai Chumash Indian association
Point Conception, California

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