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Hopi Elders spoke about the “Eleventh Hour, the Time of Chaos and Purification. The ancient record keepers of the Turtle Island warned us that the Sacred Hoop of the Nations had been broken and that it will lead us to imminent destruction of all living things.

The ancient Hopi say the only hope we have for survival is through communication and the sharing of each piece of Sacred Truth given to the people who migrated to the East, the South, the West and the North. It will be this sharing of all people truths that will restore us to living in the “right way”.

The Hopi people say “that in the Eleventh Hour” the people of the world will have heard the truths of the North, the Europeans (white). The peoples of the world will have heard the truths of the East, the Asians (yellow). The peoples of the world will have heard the truths of the South, the Negro (black).

The Hopi say the last people to be heard from would be the Red People from the West, they are the Native Americans and the Polynesians. It will be these Teachings, the teachings of "right relationship" with the Earth and All of Our Relations that would complete the Sacred Fragments of Knowledge and Mend the Sacred Hoop of the Nations. Only by the sharing of this knowledge would we find the keys to true justice, peace, sane living and survival for all the world and future generations.”

And so I say - Welcome to this website. Its purpose is to allow me to share with you the collective treasures of my personal journey and time with the Elders.


>> shimmering web story - coming soon <<

In Honor and Respect,
ChoQosh Auh’Ho’Oh
June 25, 1993



-ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh


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